Thoughts On Spiritual Warfare

We need to be wise to the devices and tactics of the enemy or he will exploit our weaknesses.

If we know the "Word" of God (Holy Bible) we can't be outmaneuvered. An ancient warrior was fitted with armor, but he still had to know how to take full advantage of the protection it afforded. The devil will try to get us to battle on his own terms, like when he tempted Jesus in the desert. Jesus never deviated from the "Word" and He was victorious. Stick with the "Word" and don't war after the flesh (the weapons of our warfare are not carnal).

A good defense and offense starts with an awareness of what's going on around us. Living in denial will keep us from being effective and productive. The ultimate conspiracy theory is not just a theory. There is a real devil out there, and he is out to destroy and utterly vanquish us.

Ancient spears were designed to penetrate a shield in such a way as to hook into the shield, so the spear couldn't be easily removed. This would render the shield useless. Our shield of faith quenches the fiery darts of our enemy, so it continues to protect us from his continued attack. Our shield of faith doesn't collapse after taking a few hits, like the proverbial shields of the starship Enterprise. Even modern armored vehicles, like the M1 tank, can be neutralized with armor-piercing weaponry.

When storming the gates of ancient cities, the defending warriors would often pour hot oil upon the attacking army. A defensive tactic against siege engines, such as battering rams or siege towers, was to start the attacking engine on fire. This would often backfire on the defending army, when the city gate would also catch on fire (no weapon formed against us shall prosper). When we go on the offensive in the spiritual realm, we should be prepared to feel the heat, as the forces arrayed against us try to resist our attack. We can be assured that as we continue to press in, all the devices of the enemy will backfire (literally) on him.

When a raw recruit goes through basic military training (basic training), he goes through a process of breaking down his mental resistance (dying to the flesh).

Military training covers three areas

  1. Becoming wise to enemy tactics.
  2. Developing and perfecting methods of countering those tactics (both offensively and defensively).
  3. Knowing and skillfully using your defensive and offensive weapons to your advantage.

Basic military training serves two purposes

First, it transforms the civilian into the image that the specific military service desires the recruit be conformed after. In other words, the raw recruit is broken down and then recreated (a new creation) into a lean, mean fighting machine. Before this takes place, the raw recruit is completely useless for battle, a liability instead of an asset.

Secondly, the raw recruit is taught to obey all commands without question. The reason for this is, disobedience or delayed obedience, will get you killed. When you are in the heat of battle, obedience is better than sacrifice. The raw recruit is compelled to do many things that seem either stupid or have no logical reason or explanation. This almost blind obedience, to the recruit's military superiors, is vital to running an effective and cohesive military organization.

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